Nirvanium is a digital magazine that is dedicated to forwarding the human experience and consciousness to the next level.

Here we discuss science, technology, the future, the past, non-duality and much more.


The latest on the blog

WoW SoD Phase 3: Runes, Raid, Professions, PvP and More

SoD Phase 3 is finally upon us, releasing on April 4th, 2024. Here is an overview of the new content available from that date. The level cap is set to rise from 40 to 50, and there will be a minimum addition of six new runes for every class, each slotting into the...

SoD: Newly Announced & Data-Mined Runes in Phase 3

Wondering what new runes awaits in phase 3 of SoD? Here are some confirmed runes as of March 25 2024 and other potential runes that we will see in in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery, this list will be updated and maintained, ensuring that it remains comprehensive and...

Elevate the mind

Nirvanium was made for the sole purpose of elevating your mind..

Through this elevation, chiefly from deriving understanding through science, meditation and non-duality, we’re able to consciously interface with life and the world.

Nirvanium proposes that there is great wisdom in uniting the felt presence of direct experience with knowledge and understanding extrapolated from science.