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Nirvanium is a digital magazine that is dedicated to forwarding the human experience and consciousness to the next level.

Here we discuss science, technology, the future, the past, non-duality and much more.


The latest on the blog

The World’s Biggest Space Companies

The World’s Biggest Space Companies

Along with our technology, the space industry is now also entering into a new era of innovation and advancement. During the Cold War, only international superpowers, such as the US and the USSR, had the available resources to fund the Space Race, which was fueled...

“OK Google” (A Dystopian Fantasy?)

“OK Google” (A Dystopian Fantasy?)

They say that knowledge is power. At least that is what people used to believe when we took the time to read beyond the number of characters in the average tweet or the tantalizing headlines that we accept as fact without ever questioning the veracity of the text...

Elevate the mind

Nirvanium was made for the sole purpose of elevating your mind..

Through this elevation, chiefly from deriving understanding through science, meditation and non-duality, we’re able to consciously interface with life and the world.

Nirvanium proposes that there is great wisdom in uniting the felt presence of direct experience with knowledge and understanding extrapolated from science.