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Nirvanium is a digital magazine that is dedicated to forwarding the human experience and consciousness to the next level.

Here we discuss science, technology, the future, the past, non-duality and much more.


The latest on the blog

A Match Made In – Technology?

The IoT device ratio to person globally was 1.84 in 2010. By 2020 – next year, it will be up to 10 web-connected devices per every person. Suffice to say; there are very few areas of your life in which technology is not a notable presence. The question this raises for...

Emerging Technologies and Human Social Behaviour

The Chicken Or The Egg: Examining The New Dynamic Between Emerging Technologies And Human Social Behaviour In the opening sentence from his April 2018 Wall Street Journal article The Human Side of Tech: Driving Behavioral Change Jeff Wordham wrote “Technology is...

Smart Citizens Equal Smart Cities

When you hear the term “smart city,” what immediately comes to mind? Being in the high tech world since 1983 my initial response would be, well, technology. After all, in today’s emerging digital world technology is everywhere, from smartphones and wearable tech to...

4 Different Types of Wearable Tech

While things like laptops and smartphones have been very progressive advancements in the field of technology, wearables or wearable devices, are currently at the forefront of technological advancement. Typically, these tiny devices come in the form of accessories that...

10 Innovative Energy Sources of the Near Feature

When someone mentions a term like “future energy source”, what’s first comes to mind? For most people, their minds automatically turn to renewable energy sources such as geo-thermal, wind, or solar. And, they would be right. But currently, our world still runs mostly...

Elevate the mind

Nirvanium was made for the sole purpose of elevating your mind..

Through this elevation, chiefly from deriving understanding through science, wisdom and non-duality, we’re able to consciously interface with life and the world.

Nirvanium proposes that there is great wisdom in uniting the felt presence of direct experience with knowledge and understanding extrapolated from science.